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Sunday 20 April 2014

EPIRB Battery Replacement Decision

After discovering the battery on my EPIRB had recently expired, I was faced with the question of whether to replace the battery or purchase a new unit. With a little research I soon discovered the cost or battery replacement was near to, or even exceed, the cost of a whole new EPIRB. So with further research I discovered the KTI SA1. This EPIRB has a 10 year battery life and 20 year shelf life. Compared to the 6 year battery of more expensive units, this is a considerable advantage. And battery replacement cost is less than half that of a new EPIRB. Best of all, the EPIRB is less than $300 from Townsville Marine. For more details check out the video below.

Friday 18 April 2014

Dirty water in the bay

Took my eldest boy for a fish today. He has been bugging me all holidays to go for a 'just the two of us' fish. I don't think he understands the effects of freshwater runoff! With semi-reasonable winds predicted today, and then picking up again for the rest of the holiday, we decided to give it a go. And I am glad we did. Conditions in close were great. Light 5 knots winds coming off the land meant out the front of the creeks was very fishable.

But the water was still quite dirty, especially on the lower tide early morning. As the tide built, cleaner water did make its way in, but it was still full of weed. We managed a few small Grunter to 38cm, and a Trevally or two, on the Mini-Threadybusters, but struggled with weed hooking up almost every cast.

By 10.30am the tide topped out and we decided to head home before the wind swung more to the North and messed the bay up. 30knots all the way home, it really was great to be on the water, 'just the two of us'!

Saturday 12 April 2014

Seafarer Vantage 4.85m / Signature 485sf Walkthrough

Since purchasing this boat from Townsville Marine I have had numerous enquiries from people interested in my opinion on the hull performance and how I have decked the boat out. So I have put together a short walkthrough video that discusses every aspect of the boat from bow to stern. The boat features a 80hp Suzuki 4-stroke, 80lb Minn Kota iPilot and 2 x Humminbird 998 Side Image sounders. This is an incredibly versitile boat that is well suited to lure casting in the creeks for Barramundi and Mangrove Jack, as well as running offshore around the islands and shoals for Fingermark, Nannygai and Mackerel. Top speed is about 31knots, but the best economy is achieved at about 23-24knots where the motor uses just 0.3lts per km. With 120lts of fuel under the floor the range is just over 300km. At 4.85m the boat is easily towed behind any 6cylinder car, and can be launched and retrieved easily at most creek ramps. This is definitely the most versatile and enjoyable boat I have ever owned. Please watch the video for the full run down.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

GPS Mark - West Point Sailboat (Magnetic Island)

The West Point area of Magnetic Island is an excellent fishing destination that is nice and close to Townsville. It is a heavily hit area that still produces quality fish at times. Being on the Western side of Magnetic Island it also offers reasonable protection from the SE winds that commonly hamper the Townsville region. At around 8nm from Townsville Harbour, the run is quite easy in most conditions, with the entire trip across the bay inside the island. And Middle Reef makes a nice place to stop half way and collect some live bait! But a run across from the Bohle river is even easier.

There are literally dozens on small isolated marks in the West Point region, most of which appear to be submerged timber that washes out of the Bohle during floods. But there are also known Plane and Boat Wrecks.

On big tides the current races around the corner of the island as the water ebbs and flows into the bay, creating a haven for gathering bait and predators. Fish in this regions range from the ever popular Mackerel species to bottom dwelling Nannygai and Grunter. But West Point is probably most popular for its annual run of big Fingermark.

Smaller Nannygai are ever present on the wrecks and structure, but finding fish over the magic 40cm mark is difficult. Grunter on the other hand are frequently big solid fish, and the Fingermark will most definitely approach and break the 10kg mark at times. School Mackerel are most common during the cooler months of June to October, and Grey Mackerel will follow through in November. Big Queenfish, GT and Cobia can also be found haunting the area at various times of the year.

The 'Sailboat' mark has already been make public elsewhere, and  is now a well known spot. But it still holds massive shoals of bait and predators at times, and is a good starting point to discovering other isolated patches in the area. Big Fingermark can still be caught at this location, and transitory fish like Mackerel will always follow the bait schools, and will rarely be out-fished from even the most well known of locations.

The remainder of the West Point structure seems to be located slightly closer in to the island and South of this particular GPS location. So have a sound around and see what's out there! And as always, a Side Image sounder like the Humminbird range will help to locate the small pieces of structure on the bottom. The depth averages around 10m, and Side Imaging is in its element at this depth. So look around and see if you can locate your own isolated patch, its well worth the time spent looking.

GPS Location (WSG-84): S19°06.726' E146°46.803'

Product Review - Shimano Chronarch 200E7 & G•Loomis GL2 664

The Shimano Chronarch 200E7 and G•Loomis GL2 664 is, in my opinion, on of the best baitcaster outfits for casting hard-bodied lures to Barramundi and Mangrove Jack.

The Chronarch 200E7 is a super smooth low profile baitcast reel with 6 shielded A-RB stainless steel bearings and 1 A-RB roller bearing. The graphite side plates and aluminium frame give this reel its incredibly light weight at just 217g, while maintaining a ridged platform. The cast control is easier to access than on the previous Chronarch D, as is removal of the aluminium spool. This makes quick maintenance a breeze. The handle feels solid in the hand and there is zero play in the infinite anti-reverse. The large paddle grips are sturdy and comfortable. A full list of features includes

- Aluminum Frame
- Lightweight Graphite Sideplates
- Recessed Reel Foot
- High Efficiency Gearing (HEG)
- Super Free Bearing Supported Pinion
- Gear System (SF)
- A7075 Aluminum Magnumlite Spool
- Dartainium II Drag Washer B
- 7 Bearings - Total
- 1 S A-RB BB
- 5 Shielded Stainless Steel BB
- 1 A-RB Roller Clutch Bearing
- Variable Brake System (VBS) with Reduced Mass Hub
- Super Stopper II
- Assist Stopper
- Drilled Handle Shank
- Septon PV Power Grips
- Titanium IP Line Guide
- 1/8 Turn Easy Access Attached Sideplate
- Metal Cast Control Knob
- Double Anodized Spool and Handle
- Disengaging Levelwind System
- QuickFire II Clutch Bar

The G•Loomis GL2 664 is a 5'6" graphite rod with a split cork grip. Rated at 12-20lb the rod is more than capable of handling 20lb PowerPro, the most common line used targeting these fish amongst the snags.

At a total cost of less than $600 including braid, this outfit is within the budget of most hard core lure casters. This is definitely my favourite outfit for casting hard-bodied lures. I have been using this Chronarch, and the previous Chronarch D, for a number of years now and cannot fault their smooth operation and comfort of use. Please watch the video review below for a full discussion.

Tuesday 8 April 2014

Morning on the Ross

Well, what a terrible time to have school holidays. Love being a teacher, the holiday time is great. But not having any say in when you take those holidays is a real bummer. Windy all week, big Cyclone off the coast, and both my kids are still recovering from having their Tonsils and Adenoids out. So with everyone else at work, and the family stuck at home, I though I would spend a morning in the boat by myself. I didn't wan't to go far, and having to launch a glass boat on my own I though a short session in the Ross might be the go. This was really just a chance to get the boat on the water after a full cleanup over the weekend, and to get a play with some proper video recording and editing. I would like to continue increasing the video content on the site, but I don't have a film crew! So all the video you see here is shot and edited entirely by me. I only flicked the lures around a few snags after recording a couple of product reviews. A bump or two but nothing landed. Anyway, below is one of the videos I recorded for the morning. No spectacular action, but feel free to watch and listen to my ramblings! Few DOA tips in there for anyone interested. But as I said, more just practicing with the footage than anything.