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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Saturday 31 October 2009

Baptist Church Fishing Club - October 2009 Comp Results

Members made the most of perfect weather conditions during the BCFC October competition, with plenty of quality fish hitting the scales and raising the 2009 bar even higher. A total of 21 anglers weighed 42 fish for a total weight of 71kg and a massive 1782.24 points. An additional 10 fish were released and 1 nice mud crab also made it to the scales.

It was also great to see so many kids weighing fish this month! Congratulations to everyone who got out and had a go.

Individual results are summarized below:
Senior Male
Dion Forman 300.64 pnts
Malcom Brown 136.2 pnts
Ted Brown 92.8 pnts
Rod Gear 87.0 pnts
Steve Holloway 85.6 pnts
Sheldon Dreyer 63.35 pnts
Ian Ferguson 42.5 pnts
Tony Turner 40.65 pnts
Ian Stephens 37.3 pnts
Gavin Jacobs 33.6 pnts

Senior Female
Trisha Forman 300.1 pnts
Tania Brown 108.4 pnts
Kate Quayle 72.0 pnts
Sylvia Gear 57.6 pnts

Lonnie Jacobs 5.7 pnts

Jayden Jacobs 92.8 pnts
Lachlan Brown 72.4 pnts
Teale Warner 59.2 pnts
Paige Dreyer 52.8 pnts
Emily Forman 39.0 pnts
Cole Brown 2.6 pnts

Trisha Forman 137.2 pnts
Dion Forman 126.64 pnts
Steve Holloway 85.6 pnts
Malcom Brown 77.2 pnts
Tania Brown 42.0 pnts
Sheldon Dreyer 31.35 pnts
Tony Turner 13.05 pnts

Mud Crab
Rod Gear 9.6 pnts

Catch & Release
Trisha Forman 38.56 pnts
Tony Turner 29.61 pnts

Hard Yakka
Thomas Grills 10 pnts
Tony Turner 10 pnts
Teale Warner 10 pnts
Emily Forman 5 pnts

Wednesday 28 October 2009

Barramundi Closed Season

Just a reminder for everyone that the Barramundi closed season begins this Sunday 1st November at MIDDAY. Targeting and keeping Barramundi during the closed season is not allowed. Any fish caught incidentally after this date should be promptly returned to the water. The season will re-open again at MIDDAY 1st February. Good fishing to you all this weekend!


Sunday 25 October 2009

Is that a trevally between your legs!

We had a quite weekend of fishing this time. No doubt the weather and tides played a significant part. Still Richard, Lincoln and I went for a local play on Saturday afternoon. We went chasing some milk fish first but no luck this time, they just did not show. Then we went for a drive and tried a spot on Ross Creek. An interesting area and probably on the right tide and I am sure it would work but not this time. We settled on a quiet coffee which did work!

Today I thought I would go for a paddle in the kayak. I went to my normal spot and landed a small but nice trevally, feeling better cast again and this time I was stopped by something a little larger. I have to work out a better way to take photos on the kayak! So after a few more casts and a couple more trevally I was stopped again! Interesting so again a few more casts and another trevally, then it came together and the culprit was a nice fingermark to 42cm. Not bad for an hours fishing!


A quiet one!

After such a great run on the Barra last weekend, Dad and I returned to our little creek yesterday afternoon for the larger high tide. Obviously there was no where near as much run as the previous weekend, but we didn't expect the place to be totally dead! We spent about 4hrs tossing lures and didn't even turn a scale! Not a bump, not a follow, not even a flash. How things can change from one week to the next. Next Saturday will be our last shot to bring a fish home, time to rethink our strategy!

Sunday 18 October 2009

Townsville milk fish

Milk fish a truly remarkeable fish! After noticing some fish movement while out for a walk, I rang Richard and we decided to see if we could catch them. On the next morning with a rising tide, we approached with all our gear hoping to land one of these fish. After 3 hrs we had managed to get a hit and a nice run. Thinking this may be a bit harder than it looks we decided to hit the internet and track down some flies and techniques and try again the next day. This time armed with what we thought was the right ammunition we hit the water again. Again after 2hrs of fishing nothing not even a touch! As Richard had to leave we tried once more this time it happened, we changed techniques and had 2 hits, interesting, then it happened it all fell into place and after an extended fight a nice milk fish was landed. Rod was a 8wt intermediate line with a 5kg tippet and bread fly, no berley was used. I have only include an in water shot and head shot to try and keep the location a secret, yeah right!

Barramundi success on Hard Bodies

Dad and I have had a reasonably successful weekend chasing Barramundi on hard bodied lures. We fished the mouths of some of the local creeks tossing the lures at the base of the mangrove roots around the top of the big morning tide. Over the two days we probably had on over a dozen fish in total, and landed most of these. Around 5 fish went over 60cm, and the biggest was about 74cm. The lure that seemed to do most of the damage was the Flaz Rat 10+ in a gold colour.

Unfortunately our crabbing efforts were not as good. I don't know how people catch crabs? We got HEAPS that were within 1cm of legal. But could only manage one that was big enough to bring home.







Thursday 15 October 2009

Coral Reef Fin Fish Closure

Just a reminder that the first of TWO five-day closures for coral reef fin fish begins tomorrow 15th October and runs until 19th October. The closure is INCLUSIVE of these dates.

The second closure will be 14th November until 18th November.

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Media Release - Concern Townsville Boaties Could Be Left in The Lurch


Date:  Tuesday 13th October 2009                    For immediate release


Member for Hinchinbrook, Andrew Cripps, says he is concerned at the prospect that recreational boat owners in the Townsville region could be left in the lurch by the reported absence of a planned recreational boating facility within the Townsville Marine Precinct.

Mr Cripps said boaties in the Townsville region had waited patiently for existing facilities to be upgraded and that it had long been understood the Port of Townsville intended to incorporate a new recreational boating facility into the port redevelopment.

“It has now been reported that a modern, public recreational boating facility of any size has not be provided for in the new Townville Marine Precinct at the Port of Townsville.  If that’s accurate, it is a real concern for local recreational boat owners” said Mr Cripps.

“This concept was first promoted in the year 2000 when the boating registrations in the Townsville region were approximately 8,500.  Now boat registrations are approximately 11,500, with no increase in all tide, all weather recreational boating facilities” he said. 

“Therefore, it is imperative that a major recreational boating facility be provided for as part of the Townsville Marine Precinct.  I have written to Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Stirling Hinchliffe and Minister for Transport, Rachel Nolan, in this regard” said Mr Cripps.

Mr Cripps said he recently tabled a petition in the Queensland Parliament on behalf of 4,145 boat owners in the Townsville region supporting the development of a recreational boating facility in the Townsville Marine Precinct, which was promoted by Sunfish NQ.

“Given this petition has been signed by more than one third of boat owners in the Townsville region, it should be taken seriously as an expression of the views of boat owners in the Townsville region in relation to this issue” said Mr Cripps. 

Urgent Attention for Townsville Boating Facilities

I have received several important emails in the last few days with regards to the Benwell Road boat ramp that was announced a few weeks ago. It seems the Townsville Port Authority no longer wishes to include this as part of its Townsville Marine Precinct. We need to take action against this and we need to take it NOW. Otherwise the Port can rightly say that they have advertised this and that the Townsville Boating community was not forthcoming. They will then reach the conclusion that this is not an issue and that they don't need to include public ramps in their plans.

The official response is to copy and paste the following statement into an email, letter or fax and sent it to:
EIS Project Manager - Townsville Marine Precinct Project
Significant Projects Coordination
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
PO Box 15009
City East QLD 4002
Fax: (07) 3225 8282

This may be a last opportunity as there is nowhere else to put a new boat ramp. The closing date is 5pm on Monday, 19th October 2009.


To whom it may concern,

On behalf our organisation, I would like to relay our serious concern that recreational boating facilities have not been included in the proposed Townsville Marine Precinct.

We have been very patient with the current lack of adequate facilities in Townsville, on the basis that the then Port of Townsville has indicated publicly that a major facility would be incorporated in this development. According to the scope of this project, a public launch facility of any size is not provided for.

This Port public commitment was made during 2000 when the boating registrations were some 8 500. Currently the boating registrations is in the order of 11 500, with no increase in all tide protected weather facilities. It is therefore suggested that the immediate shortfall be address by fulfilling the commitment made in 2000, and a major recreational boating facility be built as part of the Townsville Marine Precinct.

It is of further concern that given the growth of Townsville and therefore the related increase in boating registrations, that land for future major boating facilities be set aside/reserved to take care of the future need. This is essential because it is apparent that land located on the Ross River and Ross Creek is now insufficient to meet any future needs.

Home Address:

Sunday 11 October 2009

Herbert River Camp & Fish

A nice story from Harvey Low one of the regulars from the fly club about our last trip to the Herbert River

25-27th Sept 2009-09-29
What a disappointment! Instead of the usual dozen or more participants, we could only muster three beginners plus two regulars from two fishing clubs for our annual fish and camp on the Herbert River near Abergowrie.
Bob and I arrived on Friday night from Townsville and set up tents in the dark except for a small extension light from the back of the Toyota Prada. We yarned for a while and then turned in for a freezing night. I estimated the temperature dipped to around 12 degrees.
By first light we had eaten, set up our gear and approached the water that this year was much lower than on previous occasions. Maybe, because the ratio of fish to water was much higher, our luck was in. Bob selected a snag a few metres to the right of me and cast his fly upstream to allow the current to sweep it into position. I could hardly believe it when I heard his shout and saw his rod bent double. It must have been a huge sooty of barra judging by the disturbed water but we will never know as it made it to the snag and popped the leader.
Not long afterwards I scored a lovely sooty and managed to steer it into a shallow offshoot of the main stream while I fumbled around trying to get my camera working. After a change of batteries the camera worked and the fish was released without being lifted from the water. The barbless yellow and white clouser practically fell out.
Bob caught another five sooties before Dave arrived from Townsville. As he was new to the area Bob told him what to do and he soon snared a 36.5cm sooty-the largest fish he had caught on fly to that point so he was stoked.
We then decided a cuppa was warranted so we headed back to camp.
After a couple of hours in the middle of the day, Dave and Bob got bored with the inactivity and set off downstream for the next four hours. I was glad I stayed behind as I had a good lunch and bludge while they fished hard for two fish. However, Bob had scored the best fish of the trip with a 40cm sooty.
In the late afternoon we flogged all the old snags for a nil result.
We ate well, spent some time staring at a campfire and went to bed-fortunately to a much warmer night.
Breakfast, and another attack on the water.
I trailed along behind Dave and Bob headed upstream as far as he could with the intention of fishing back towards us. Dave suddenly said “We’ve got company”.
I went back to the camp site to find Kieran and his friend Anthony had arrived. We re-fished the snags but they had been so thoroughly thrashed there was little hope of catching anything.
Bob arrived back after catching a sooty and a tarpon so we returned to camp for a well-earned cuppa before packing up for home.
All went well till Kieran and Anthony got bogged in the soft sand. It took over an hour in the midday sun of digging, packing the sand with sticks, jacking the vehicle up and the use of a snatch strap to get them out. We then left in convoy and all got through safely.
The area we fished has changed dramatically and, in my opinion, would only support fishing by one or two rather than a large group. It is my suggestion that the club consider another venue for our next annual camp.
Despite everything I must say that, as usual, I had a great camp and fish, with good company

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Not quite coral trout

This is not a report about coral trout but more about catching rainbow trout and relaxing. We decided this year for the holidays to head to Northern New South Wales and chase some rainbow trout. The weather looked interesting with a low of O degrees and a high of 12and a strong cold wind! This was hopefully good rainbow weather! We went to a nice location called Uncle Billies retreat. I took Dad and my wife and mother along. The ladies did a great job of feeding us and keeping the fires burning in the cabins! What could be better! As we fished the subtle difference between trout and most saltwater fish was evident. The best way to explain it is to say that the rainbow trout sips the fly as compared to most saltwater fish that smash and grab. After fishing mostly wets ( woolly buggers) we had a chance to try out the dries on the last night. The greatest event that a flyfisher wants was an evening rise! As the day starting to cool the air stopped and the mayfly hatch began. Slowly in ones and twos they rose and dipped into the dam. As night fall came the numbers increased and the dry flies came out. As the trout started to rise the difficulty of catching them was lost and between us we landed a couple. This was a great event! In the end we landed about 39 trout over the 2 days. I know it was in a dam but for me and my father we were in fishing heaven! We missed the normal trout season opening by a weekend but hopefully we can build that into the trip. Most of the fishing was bankside but the last day the weather cleared enough so we could try a little bit of boat work as well. I am planning to return each year if it is possible, admittedly I have another place a little further south I would like to revisit but thats a different story.

Sunday 4 October 2009

All is quiet on competition day!

This weekend was our monthly competition in the Baptist Church Fishing Club. And like most comp weekends, it was a quiet one for us. Being on holidays we were actually able to fish the Friday as well as Saturday. Something of a rarity. I started Friday morning with a quick trip to the Bohle in the tinnie on my own in search of some high point scoring Bream. But despite catching a few, they were all too small!

Home about lunch time it was a quick change over of boats and back out on the water. This time with the family and off to West Point to chase some Fingermark. It was a little lumpy in the afternoon, but good enough to anchor up and give it a whirl. We managed to pick up a few nice Doggies on metal while collecting live bait, a good start. As the sun set I was bricked once by a good fish on the live bait, and managed 1 nice Grunter on a pillie out the back. The Grunter is the last of my species required for the clubs top 10. So it was well worth the effort. Dad was out with his boat, and managed one Finger of about 3kg. But he headed in when his partner started feeling a bit queezy! By about 7.30pm it was bed time for the kids, and it was just too lumpy for them to settle in the cabin. So fishing was off and we headed back inside the island for the night.


PhotobucketNext morning the wind had dropped back, but a little lump remained on the water. We collected some more live bait and headed north. We tried several marks along the way, but nothing wanted to play the game. Eventually we ended up at Acheron Island. I trolled around there for a while looking for some decent ground. I have never had the boat this far North, so it was a good explore. I managed one small Spanish Mackerel on the troll, but was well under size. Eventually we found a patch of bait in about 17m not far from Phillips Reef. In it were dozens of small Trevalley and the odd Spanish. But again, the macks were on the small size. With most of the fish on the small side, we decided to give Lachy a go on one of the spin rods with a bit of old Pillie. And wouldn't you know it, he landed the biggest Doggie Mackerel of the day! He was proud as punch, it was the first fish he had caught to weigh in at the competition. But as luck would have it, all the other sub-juniors caught fish too....But he managed 2nd :)


We then visited the beach on Rattlesnake for a lunchtime swim and off for home. Back at the ramp about 2.30 it was a massive weekend of fishing!


Thursday 1 October 2009

Baptist Church Fishing Club - Back to Basics Tackle Night

Back by popular demand is the BCFC Back to Basics Tackle Night – on tonight! Come along and learn everything you need to know about GPS, sounders, tying knots and rigs, filleting fish and how to throw a castnet.

Details are:

When: Thursday 1st October @ 7.00pm
Topic: Back to Basics - Special guest Stephen Horsely from BCF
Where: BCFC Club Room (Church Hall 38 Canterbury Rd, Kirwan)

This months Comp is OPEN so you can fish wherever you like between 12.01am Oct 2nd – 5.00pm Oct 3rd followed by a weigh-in and BBQ at the Baptist Church. For those wanting to go landbased this month there will be a group meeting 6.30am at the mouth of Ross River. Boat trips for the weekend will be organized tonight at the Tackle Night.

Everyone is welcome. If you would like any more info on the above, or BCFC in general, just shoot me an email at or post a comment.

Baptist Church Fishing Club - September 09 Comp Results

Congratulations to all those who fished the Baptist Church Fishing Club’s September competition. A total of 15 fish were weighed and an additional 38 fish released by 14 anglers, once again keeping the weigh master’s busy. Worthy of a special mention is Peter Clegg’s 5.0kg grey mackerel, Gavin Jacobs 2.04kg barred grunter and Sub-Jnr Jayden Jacobs who blew away the entire field with his impressive 131.5 points!

Individual results are summarized below:

Senior Male
Peter Clegg 125.0 pnts
Gavin Jacobs 110.25 pnts
Michael St Johnwood 97.3 pnts
Steve Holloway 60.6 pnts
Brent Quayle 57.6 pnts
Tim Jones 33.6 pnts
Ward Nicholas 46.8 pnts
Malcom Brown 22.05 pnts
Ian Ferguson 17.1 pnts

Jayden Jacobs 131.5 pnts
Adam Brown 22.95 pnts

Peter Clegg 125.0 pnts
Steve Holloway 60.6 pnts
Ward Nicholas 46.8 pnts
Tim Jones 33.6 pnts

Catch & Release
Ward Nicholas 72.2 pnts

Hard Yakka
Adrienne Ferguson 75 pnts
Allison Quayle 55 pnts
Brent Quayle 25 pnts
Steve Holloway 25 pnts
Peter Clegg 15 pnts
Rene Kruger 5 pnts