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Sunday 8 August 2010

Townsville Boat Ramps - Haughton River

The Haughton River boat ramp is, by North Queensland creek standards, a pretty good quality single lane cement ramp. The ramp is actually located on Cromarty creek where Cromarty joins the Haughton river proper. The ramp is relatively easy to find, drive south out of Townsville and turn left toward Giru. Drive through the Giru township and then follow the signs over the railway to the ramp. Just don't miss the right hand turn after you have driven beside the railway line. 

This ramp use to suffer badly from mud on the lower sections making it difficult on lower tides. But some rock work is being done that has improved this scenario. These photos were all taken on about 0.5m of tide and ramp is clear of mud and easily usable.

Parking is in the form of a large dirt car park. The dirt is firm and no problems in the wet, and parking is sufficient for the traffic the Haughton sees. A large area of the parking does become consumed by campers that migrate north from NSW/VIC during the cooler months. But it doesn't seem to create any problems. 

This ramp does go under water on big tides! This photograph was taken during a 4m tide that Townsville experienced earlier this year. But most of the ramps went under on this tide. I'm not sure just how big a tide needs to be for here, but it's safe on 99% of the tides for the year. The road in also goes under on big tides and during flooding.

Like most of Townsville's ramp, facilities are lacking here. But, there is a toilet! Something very few ramps here have. There is no securing cameras, no wash down, no tables and chairs and no cleaning facilities. There is also solar powered lighting, a bit of a plus for those going early or late. There is also no pontoon of any description, so I would probably stick to aluminium boats. But almost any tinnie could be launched here, and a 4wd is not required.

The other ramp that access the Haughton river is located at Cungulla. Its more for smaller boats, but gets you in closer to the mouth. See here for details.