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Thursday 28 May 2009

Townsville Boat Ramps - Facts and Figures

In my research into the Townsville Boat Ramp situation I have managed to put together some very interesting facts and figures on our appalling situation. These number come from various government documents, and clearly highlight just how 'shafted' Townsville has been.

First of all, consider this fact. Townsville has 12 lanes of all tide, all weather, ocean access ramps. This consists of the 2 x 4 lanes at the coat guard ramp, and 4 lanes at Barnacle St (National Park) ramp. Yeah, that's right, National Park ramp is apparently 4 lanes wide. I intend to measure it on the weekend and compare it to the 4 lanes at the coast guard! Not to mention the fact that only one side is any good. Ross River and Ross Creek are the only waterways in Townsville considered to have all tide access to the ocean. The Coast Guard ramp has a grand total of 84 car parks for cars with trailers. According to Queensland Transport, there should be 90 parks for cars with trailers for every 4 lanes of ramp. This means we have less than half the requirement at the CG!

In the document "Recreational all-tide protected weather boating facilities for Townsville city strategic planning for 2020" the Townsville City Council estimates that for our current boating population we require a total of 29 lanes of ramp (12 current plus 17 additional). This would mean an additional 600 car with trailer parking spaces. And that only for all tide all weather facilities, not creeks. When you read the numbers you start to understand just why it gets so crazy on the weekend! These numbers are just to bring us up to current standards. Looking into the future, by 2020 its estimated we will need a total of 45 lanes! Imagine if we continue with nothing being done!

As at Jan 31 2009, Townsville has just over 6000 boats registered in the 4m to 6m range. Based on the current 84 parks at CG, only 0.14% of the boating population can go fishing at the same time. Sure, some of the smaller boats use other ramps, but come on 0.14%???

Based on my calculations of numbers of registered boats in Queensland, and the cost of trailer and boat registration, the State Government raises well over $50million from registration state wide per year. That's for boats under 6m only. The State Budget 2008-09 from Queensland Transport states that $7.3million will be spent on recreational boating facilities. Again, that's state wide!!! Townsville has just over 5% of the states boating population. 5% of $50million is $2.5million.....PER YEAR. The document "Recreational all-tide protected weather boating facilities for Townsville city strategic planning for 2020" also states that its over 30 years since Townsville had any 'substantial upgrades of the major boat ramp facilities'. That's 30 years of 5% of registration money that is owed back to this city!

Please ponder these figures, and feel free to use the comments section to add your thoughts. And don't forget the petition.