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Thursday 14 May 2009

Townsville Boat Ramp Petition - Update 2

Our petition numbers now exceed 200 signatures. But we can always do with more. So continue to pass the link around to everyone in you address book!

I have emailed Anna Bligh twice now over the past few weeks, and am yet to have a reply. This is bitterly disappointing for us all. I'm not sure how we lobby our state government if they will not respond to our concerns?

Vern Veitch has responded to our cause with the following to say.


I have been lobbying (unsuccessfully) for better boat ramps for at least 15 years and share your frustrations. I am happy to meet with you and bring you up to date but there are a few things starting to happen. We have unfortunately been held up in trying to provide more parking at the only facility with offshore that we manage and legal action is pending on that. Council also responded to the Port Marine Precinct proposal with a request to include a major new facility but that is a decision for the State Government.

We are expanding facilities at Stoney Creek to include an extra ramp (funded by Queensland Transport) and expanded parking facilities to increase capacity from 15 to 50 parking spaces. This was a 3 year project that included land transfers, native title clearances and coordinated funding applications. We have initiated a committee to have input into a 10 year strategic plan for estuarine boat ramps.

The problem with the need for an all-tide ramp for offshore access however will continue unless recreational boat owners can combine together to effectively lobby the state government and convince them of the need. In the past we have been fragmented and too many boat owners have taken the "not my job" attitude. Unless the vast majority come on board and are prepared to give up a bit of their time, the politicians will not see it as a priority and the money will be spent on other projects.

As I said at the start, I am always happy to meet on these issues but the need for a powerful lobby group to pursue this is critical to a successful outcome,