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Friday 22 May 2009

Townsville Boat Ramp Petition - Update 3

The issue of poor ramp facilities was again highlighted by Eddie Riddle in today's Townsville Bulletin (fixed link). Mr Riddle is also calling on the Towsville City Council to "stop shirking their duties and responsibilities". The Townsville City Council has itself identified "a current shortfall in all-tide protected weather recreational ramp facilities in Townsville of 17 ramp lanes" and it is projected that a "further 16 ramp lanes may be required within 10 years".

However, I'm disappointed that Mr Riddle has not been able to promoted our petition in his forum. In fact, it was not been mentioned at all! This is an issue that we all need to stand together on. If the several 'small groups of disgruntled fisherman' continue to rally separately then our voice will likely go unheard. However, if we could all come together on this one, we would be a force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately we are not all members of one big club, so standing together is made difficult. We need to use forums like the website and The Townsville Bulletin to come together as one.

Next Tuesday evening Dion Forman and myself will be meeting with councilor Vern Veitch to discuss the matter further. I am very keen for this meeting to take place, and will report back with the results of the discussion.

In the meantime, keep circulating the link for the online petition. Signatures are now standing at almost 300.