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Friday 6 March 2009

Black Weir Barra

Following Stephen Boyle’s talk on Barra at Fishing Club last night, Jordan and I were inspired to get an early start this morning and headed down to Black Weir before sunrise. We were fishing the Gleeson section below the Black Weir wall. Although the Gleeson's section has had only 27800 barra stocked, it greatly benefits from the overflow from Black Weir where the Twin Cities Fish Stocking Association have released 112639 barra.

It did not take long before Jordan’s shallow diving Halco Scorpion 68 (gold with orange back) got inhaled by a solid 67cm barra near the bridge pylons. I was using a chrome popper on the surface as we continued to work this same area until the sun came up, but no more takers. With the cover of darkness now past, I changed over to a gold Bomber and moved around to the Tavern side where I was smoked by a very big fish on my second cast. All I got to see was a massive flash accompanied by a huge bow wave as the barra turned and began peeling the 20lb braid off the reel at high speed. My exhilaration was short lived as the lure and the fish soon parted ways. Thinking that I may have gotten a bad hook up or may have straightened the hooks, I was very surprised to find that the entire eyelet had pulled from the lure! By now it was nearly 7am and time to go - always another day.