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Monday 4 January 2010

Fingermark with an old mate

Last Saturday afternoon/night I went out to chase some Fingermark off West Point. An old mate of mine from Cairns was in town for a few days and he was keen to go for a run in my boat. So with flat conditions forecast it was looking great.

We left home about 2pm and went in search of some live bait on the way to the ramp. We only managed a handful of very small herring and a mullet or two. But it was enough to start us off. We first headed to middle reef to try jig up some better bait, but nothing was showing. Off to West Point. Again we looked around some marks in search of the bait, and again there was noting showing. As we drifted over the marks Christian tried for bait and I dropped a Lucanus jig to try it out on the FM. I managed a couple of hits and one solid hookup that pulled free. I think these jigs will work on these fish under the right circumstances.

Eventually we decided to anchor up and put down the small herring. It didn't take too long and I was bricked. Another bait and another bricking. This time I could still feel the fish, so I gave it some slack and put the rod in the holder while I rigged up another rod. When I came back to it the fish came free and I was hooked cleanly. But another bit run that I couldn't stop on the 50lb braid had the fish back in the structure, for good this time!

We soon ran out of live bait and were reduced to pillies. Christian managed one of the best Nannygai I have seen this close in, at 48cm it was a beauty. He also got done twice on pillie, maybe Nannygai even bigger, who knows!

Dad was also out on his own in his boat that night. He had similar trouble with live bait, but did manage a couple of squid after dark. He got one 5-6kg FM right up to the boat, but with the net just out of reach the fish took off and busted him up.

With just the one fish in the eski we came home about 10pm.