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Tuesday 13 October 2009

Urgent Attention for Townsville Boating Facilities

I have received several important emails in the last few days with regards to the Benwell Road boat ramp that was announced a few weeks ago. It seems the Townsville Port Authority no longer wishes to include this as part of its Townsville Marine Precinct. We need to take action against this and we need to take it NOW. Otherwise the Port can rightly say that they have advertised this and that the Townsville Boating community was not forthcoming. They will then reach the conclusion that this is not an issue and that they don't need to include public ramps in their plans.

The official response is to copy and paste the following statement into an email, letter or fax and sent it to:
EIS Project Manager - Townsville Marine Precinct Project
Significant Projects Coordination
Department of Infrastructure and Planning
PO Box 15009
City East QLD 4002
Fax: (07) 3225 8282

This may be a last opportunity as there is nowhere else to put a new boat ramp. The closing date is 5pm on Monday, 19th October 2009.


To whom it may concern,

On behalf our organisation, I would like to relay our serious concern that recreational boating facilities have not been included in the proposed Townsville Marine Precinct.

We have been very patient with the current lack of adequate facilities in Townsville, on the basis that the then Port of Townsville has indicated publicly that a major facility would be incorporated in this development. According to the scope of this project, a public launch facility of any size is not provided for.

This Port public commitment was made during 2000 when the boating registrations were some 8 500. Currently the boating registrations is in the order of 11 500, with no increase in all tide protected weather facilities. It is therefore suggested that the immediate shortfall be address by fulfilling the commitment made in 2000, and a major recreational boating facility be built as part of the Townsville Marine Precinct.

It is of further concern that given the growth of Townsville and therefore the related increase in boating registrations, that land for future major boating facilities be set aside/reserved to take care of the future need. This is essential because it is apparent that land located on the Ross River and Ross Creek is now insufficient to meet any future needs.

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