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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Sunday 4 October 2009

All is quiet on competition day!

This weekend was our monthly competition in the Baptist Church Fishing Club. And like most comp weekends, it was a quiet one for us. Being on holidays we were actually able to fish the Friday as well as Saturday. Something of a rarity. I started Friday morning with a quick trip to the Bohle in the tinnie on my own in search of some high point scoring Bream. But despite catching a few, they were all too small!

Home about lunch time it was a quick change over of boats and back out on the water. This time with the family and off to West Point to chase some Fingermark. It was a little lumpy in the afternoon, but good enough to anchor up and give it a whirl. We managed to pick up a few nice Doggies on metal while collecting live bait, a good start. As the sun set I was bricked once by a good fish on the live bait, and managed 1 nice Grunter on a pillie out the back. The Grunter is the last of my species required for the clubs top 10. So it was well worth the effort. Dad was out with his boat, and managed one Finger of about 3kg. But he headed in when his partner started feeling a bit queezy! By about 7.30pm it was bed time for the kids, and it was just too lumpy for them to settle in the cabin. So fishing was off and we headed back inside the island for the night.


PhotobucketNext morning the wind had dropped back, but a little lump remained on the water. We collected some more live bait and headed north. We tried several marks along the way, but nothing wanted to play the game. Eventually we ended up at Acheron Island. I trolled around there for a while looking for some decent ground. I have never had the boat this far North, so it was a good explore. I managed one small Spanish Mackerel on the troll, but was well under size. Eventually we found a patch of bait in about 17m not far from Phillips Reef. In it were dozens of small Trevalley and the odd Spanish. But again, the macks were on the small size. With most of the fish on the small side, we decided to give Lachy a go on one of the spin rods with a bit of old Pillie. And wouldn't you know it, he landed the biggest Doggie Mackerel of the day! He was proud as punch, it was the first fish he had caught to weigh in at the competition. But as luck would have it, all the other sub-juniors caught fish too....But he managed 2nd :)


We then visited the beach on Rattlesnake for a lunchtime swim and off for home. Back at the ramp about 2.30 it was a massive weekend of fishing!