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Saturday 31 October 2009

Baptist Church Fishing Club - October 2009 Comp Results

Members made the most of perfect weather conditions during the BCFC October competition, with plenty of quality fish hitting the scales and raising the 2009 bar even higher. A total of 21 anglers weighed 42 fish for a total weight of 71kg and a massive 1782.24 points. An additional 10 fish were released and 1 nice mud crab also made it to the scales.

It was also great to see so many kids weighing fish this month! Congratulations to everyone who got out and had a go.

Individual results are summarized below:
Senior Male
Dion Forman 300.64 pnts
Malcom Brown 136.2 pnts
Ted Brown 92.8 pnts
Rod Gear 87.0 pnts
Steve Holloway 85.6 pnts
Sheldon Dreyer 63.35 pnts
Ian Ferguson 42.5 pnts
Tony Turner 40.65 pnts
Ian Stephens 37.3 pnts
Gavin Jacobs 33.6 pnts

Senior Female
Trisha Forman 300.1 pnts
Tania Brown 108.4 pnts
Kate Quayle 72.0 pnts
Sylvia Gear 57.6 pnts

Lonnie Jacobs 5.7 pnts

Jayden Jacobs 92.8 pnts
Lachlan Brown 72.4 pnts
Teale Warner 59.2 pnts
Paige Dreyer 52.8 pnts
Emily Forman 39.0 pnts
Cole Brown 2.6 pnts

Trisha Forman 137.2 pnts
Dion Forman 126.64 pnts
Steve Holloway 85.6 pnts
Malcom Brown 77.2 pnts
Tania Brown 42.0 pnts
Sheldon Dreyer 31.35 pnts
Tony Turner 13.05 pnts

Mud Crab
Rod Gear 9.6 pnts

Catch & Release
Trisha Forman 38.56 pnts
Tony Turner 29.61 pnts

Hard Yakka
Thomas Grills 10 pnts
Tony Turner 10 pnts
Teale Warner 10 pnts
Emily Forman 5 pnts