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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Sunday 23 August 2009

Mackerel Run

Went for a quick run with Dion and Steve yesterday morning. The plan was simple, one rod and a handful of metal. Given the way the Mack's had been biting last weekend, we thought we would get out early, bag out, and be back before lunch. We couldn't have been more wrong! On arrival we could barely find a show of fish on the sounder. But we dropped the slices anyway. It wasn't long and Steve had a bite off, and then I was away with a fast running Mack. Unfortunately it was sharked not too far from the boat. A few drops later and my reel was racing again, but hooks pulled as I tried to beat the sharks to the surface. And that was about the last we saw of the Mackerel. We managed the odd Trevalley, a nice one by Steve, but that was it. Ward arrived on the seen, better late than never, but we decided it had been so quiet we would go try some other marks. Big mistake that turned out to be (read below)!

We spent the next hour or more moving from shoal to shoal looking for the elusive bait, and fish that would then follow. But luck was not on our side. The best we could manage was more Trevalley. Although Dion did manage to prove to me that he could get Nannygai on the magical Bumpa-Bar!

We returned to Ward to see how things had gone for him. Its seems anchoring and getting some burly going was the trick! It was getting far later in the day than we had planned, so we called it and headed for home. I dropped Dion and Steve off and headed straight back home to pick up my boat and the family. Stay tuned for the next installment....