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Sunday 24 August 2008

Sooty on a fly

Liam, Julie and I decided to have a run to a river north of Townsville for a quick fish. We were hoping to catch a few sooty grunters. We left about 1.30pm and we were fishing by 3pm. Liam loaded his 9wt and I fished my 7 wt. We both had different flies. Liam tried a new multi coloured fly and I tried my red/red clouser style fly. We moved into position at the first reach and I landed a nice fish within 5 minutes. I took this fish to Julie who at this time was still in the car. It was a nice legal size and as I enjoy eating these guys, and also I needed one for a competition this was the unlucky one. Liam then proceeded to thrash the water but to no avail. We moved slowly up stream and Liam landed a nice fish. Liam then followed this by another one a little smaller but still a good fish. It was was cool catching these guys as they fight hard right till the end. The water was running clear and quite fast so the fight was a lot stronger as the fish used this to there advantage. I landed another which ment we both were trying hard for the next fish.

We then noticed the fish sitting mid water. We then followed a trout approach and as one person fished the other spotted. We missed the fish, had a few touches, had a lot of follows and a lot of fun.
It was really cool fishing this stream in this way. It has always reminded me of some of the few trout streams I have been on. The main difference,the types of fish, the weather, and of course the crocodiles. This last difference meant wading was interesting and a desire for a long accurate cast important.

As we approached the last part of the run we fished the top and around the snags. Liam landed the last fish for the day. We then fished a little longer but few fish followed and we decided to call it a day. We had a great time in a short period of time. Finally to top the day we stopped at the Frosty Mango for a nice coffee and ice cream.