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Saturday 9 August 2008

Bad weather hampers competition efforts

With the predicted weather forecast of 15-20knots earlier in the week I wasn't even contemplating fishing this weekend. And then there is the slack tids!! But then I realised it was the monthly competition weekend for the Baptist Church! Bugga, gotta try and catch a fish somewhere. I organised Thursday night to fish first thing Saturday with Dion in his boat. We were going to try hit some Doggies early before the wind got up and be back by lunch.

However, standing out the front of Dions house at 5am the wind was already rustling the trees quite strongly. The web was only showing 6 or 7knots in most places. But it was definatly breezy out there! So we hummed and harred for a little while before calling it quits on boating. But its a competition weekend and we are already what to do??

I suggested a drive south to fish Alva for a Flathead, and then try the lagoons on the way home. Dion had not been down that way chasing Flatties, so he was keen to give it a go. So off we headed.

We arrived a little after 7am, and were fishing by 7.30. It was obvious that the lack of run in tide was going to make it difficult. We worked a very nice looking drop where the tide was pushing over a ledge. There should have been fish there. But we didn't manage so much as a tap. So we gave up and tried the main drain.

I managed 2 small fish in quick succession. Both Duskies well under size. A quick photograph and they were released. Dion had a couple of good hits that pulled the plastic partly off the hook, but failed to make contact with mouth.

We left there about 10am and tried one lagoon on the way home. Only had a couple of casts, but I did manage one small Barra about 40cm.

So anothe comp weekend passes with nothing to weigh in....