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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


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Sunday 10 August 2008

Loomis fly fishing competition fishing Hinchinbrook

A big weekend! Well I have not fished this competition for a few years but I thought it was time to have another go. I fished with a chap from the fly club Ric for the weekend. We planned for the boys to meet us at Hinchinbrook on the Sunday for a fish as well.

First thing A BIG THANK YOU to the guys from Cairns Fly fishing Club a great job and well run, I would suggest that any one who wanted to fish a fly only competition to think strongly about this one! The cost was all inclusive and well worth while. Also I would like to thank Richard for allowing me to crew on his boat and enjoying his company all weekend!

How did we go? We headed out to the end of the jetty on each day hoping to get into some queenfish which we did! We then went into the channel to chase other species and we didn't do so well! The idea worked though we need to work on our planning in the channel. Over all, the boat landed 4 queenfish to 1.050m and 3 smaller queenfish plus cod and archer fish. This was enough to keep us of the bottom (which was my first aim). The competition was won by two North Queensland Flyfishers Daniel and Raymond well done boys.

Some interesting info from the competition. A Northern blue fin (approx 1.5m in length) was landed inside the channel! Over 50 Queenfish around the metre mark were landed by 4 boats, most of those by one crew! All Seven target species were landed including Barramundi, Mangrove Jack, Trevelly, Queenfish, Cod, Tarpon and Salmon. This was a catch and release competition so the majority of fish were released.

Chris and Liam also met up with us on Sunday and they also did well. Even though Liam did not land a fish he was fishing well hooking up to seven fish but mainly lost at the boat. Chris did a lot better with landing three queenfish and a scad mackeral. a great weekend!