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Tuesday 19 October 2010

All Aussie Shock Leader Systems

Local forum regulars Phil Lawlor and Ben Weston have recently been developing some of the best quality shock leaders I have ever seen. Targeting lure casters chasing big Barramundi and Mangrove Jack, the pair have put years of testing and refining into their final product. "It all started about five years ago sitting around with mates discussing the finer art of connection knots and leaders systems" says Phil, "The big question was, what was the ideal leader system to use in particular situations?". The pair tried several different knots with varying success until someone mentioned trying a 'wind-on' leader. "I conducted a bit of research and purchased a couple that were available in a tackle store" Phil explained, "Most wind-on's were targeted towards the 'bluewater' anglers for use on larger overhead style game reels. Anyway I found a couple of the lure-casting models and gave them a go". With that the pair went about trying these unique leader systems. But they knew they could improve on the system and make a better leader designed specifically to target Barramundi in a lure-casting scenario.

After twelve months of trial and error, lost leaders, lost fish and lost lures, the pair have developed a leader now know as the 'All Aussie Shock Leader System'. There are currently four models within the All Aussie Shock Leader range. The most popular has been the 'Light Game' shock leader, specifically targeted towards the lure-caster targeting the likes of barramundi, salmon, jacks, queenies etc. The most recent leader produced is the 'Big Dam Barra' shock leader to target the big girls in the stocked mpoundments up the east coast of Queensland. 

All leaders consist of a small Dacron section to create a joining loop, Black Magic leader line, a small section of Line Guard and a high quality Decoy clip or Shogun ball bearing swivel clip. I have now had the opportunity to test out the 40lb 'light game' leader in a lure casting session in one of the local creeks. I was a bit wary initially, trusting someone else's knots! But when you first take a leader out of the packet you become immediately aware of the quality and enormous amount of time is put into the production of every leader.  I was also a little dubious about the use of a clip and line guard. But I can happily report that all knots held well, and the clip and line guard did not deter the fish in any way. I managed a 44cm and 38cm Mangrove Jack, a rather beefy Pikey Bream and a small Barramundi. If there is ever a fish that would be put off by a clip and line guard it would be a bream, but he happily hit my Flatz Rat in crystal clear water.   And at the end of a full mornings fishing there is not a mark on the leader, its good for many more trips yet!

 "With continued development and committment to customer satisfaction, I reckon we can supply a quality product that is user friendly. And if it saves you a lure or trophy fish, we have done our job" Says Phil. The All Aussie Shock Leader System is available directly from Phil or Ben on the following details, or via a PM in the forum.

Phil Lawlor - 0422 564 880 or email
Ben Weston - 0431 195 141 or email

The following leaders are available for purchase. The guys can also produces specific leaders on request. 
  • All Aussie "Light Game" Shock Leader - 50lb dacron to create the loop, 1.5m, 40lb or 60lb Black Magic leader line, 100mm Line Guard and 90lb Decoy clip. $10.00 each.
  • All Aussie "Big Dam Barra" Shock Leader - 80lb dacron to create the loop, 1.2m, 80lb or 100lb Black Magic leader line, 200mm Line Guard and 120lb Decoy clip. $15.00 each.
  • All Aussie "Bluewater" Shock Leader - 80lb dacron to create the loop, 2.0m, 60lb or 80lb Black Magic leader line, 150lb Shogun ball bearing swivel clip combination. $20.00 each.
  • All Aussie "Big Game" Shock Leader - 80lb or 130lb dacron to create the loop, 4.0m, 80lb or 100lb Black Magic leader line, 150lb or 180lb Shogun ball bearing swivel clip combination. $22.00 each.