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Fly Fishing

Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Saturday 12 June 2010

Plastics on the flats

For something a little different today I decided to do some flats fishing across the front of Cocoa creek. High tide was about 8am, so the plan was to work plastics around the gutters and drains that run across the mudflats as the tide fell. The main target was Flathead, we didn't mind what showed up.

The last part of the run in fished quite slowly, despite a few good bust-up's of bait in the area. But as the tide changed we got a couple of hits. Dad hooked the first fish of the day, a 39cm Dusky. There were plenty of puffs in the mud as we drifted around in 50cm of water, but we couldn't get anything to play.

We then anchored on a deeper channel across the flat to catch fish as they moved off the shallows. Here I managed nice yellowfin bream and a flounder! A small bust-up had Dad and I scrambling to get a lure out. Dad landed first, but fell short of the mark. I hit the water second, but made the distance. A couple of turns of the handle and good fish was pulling drag on the light 1000 Sustain with ease. A small jump and a Barramundi was confirmed. It was landed pretty easily in the snag free waters, but only measured about 54cm. A quick pick and he was away again leaving me with a very big smile.


We worked the area some more before getting out before the tide dropped too far for the ramp. We were working a range of Squidgie fish on a 1/8oz #1 Jig head. Most of the fish came with the falling tide.