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Fly Fishing

Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Saturday 4 April 2009

Fly fish nice weekend

Well every man and his dog was out fishing today! We decided to leave from Pallarenda and miss the rush at the main boat ramp in town. We succeeded in leaving early but that is when the problems began, or did they!

We began the weekend with a nice repair to the skeg on the motor which was damaged on Thursday, thankfully Rising Sun Marine completed the job in record time and the boat was ready go by Friday at 4pm! Thinking all was good up we get at 4.30am, done to the ramp by 5am, in the water and no start on the motor! Cutting a long story short we eventually took the boat out of the water leaving the 4wd in low range (this may be important later) and home we went. While cleaning the boat up I noticed the kill switch was not connected! All fixed back to the ramp. In the water, motor out and !!! we cannot accelerate. Problem the bar that connects the 2 levers in the motor has slipped off? I did adjust it to check the fuel so probably my fault. A quick fix then off to the barge.

At the barge we look for schools of fish but we find little? Liam manages a couple of trevally and some bites. I rig up the 12wt and second cast a hook up and the rod breaks!! Not a good start, a small nannagi is all on fly from this loacation. Ok after a while we decide to run to to the back of Cordilia Rocks. Nice weather still, as we arrive the fitting for the accelerater cable goes again! This time not such an easy fix, so while I am doing this Liam decides to do some casting with the metal slice. Nice job, he misses one spanish mackeral and lands a spotty and then a nice legal spanish! After the motor is repaired we move off to Rattlesnake, we notice a nice school of tuna but we missed the fish as another boat beats us to the punch, rats!!! No matter, off towards the beacons off Magnetic to finish. We work the pylons and Liam lands a couple of small mackeral and I finally get a legal fish today with a 52cm schooly! Well thats it, but we have to pick the boat up so we decide to ask the wife to bring the trailer to the main ramp, yep you guessed it we forgot to tell her that the car was in low range 4wd! After travelling at 80 kms/hr she was wondering why the car was making a funny noise! An interesting day to say the least.