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Friday 17 April 2009

Baptist Church Fishing Club - Comp Results April 2009

Finally some magnificent weather for the BCFC April Comp which meant plenty of anglers getting out to enjoy the calm seas and sunshine. A total of 5 anglers weighed 12 fish for a total weight of 16.02kg and 454.1 points. An additional 16 fish were released and 3 nice mud crabs were also weighed.

Congratulations to all those who weighed fish and it was great to see so many at the weigh-in and BBQ. A big thankyou to Kalven and his crew for the great job on the BBQ - another awesome feed after a big weekend of fishing!

Division Winners:

Senior Male: Malcolm Brown 194.7 points
Senior Female: Tania Brown 106.8 points
Lure/Fly: Malcolm Brown 80 points
Tania Brown 80 points
Catch & Release: Ward Nicholas 39.48 points
Hard Yakka: Allison Quayle 30 points
Mud Crab: Jayden Jacobs 17.4 points
Encouragement: Ray Elliman

Individual Results:

Senior Male – Line Fishing
Malcolm Brown 194.7 points
Spangled Emperor 2.34kg 58.5pnts
Spangled Emperor 1.56kg 39.0pnts
Sm Mouth Nannygai 0.86kg 17.2pnts
School Mackerel 0.97kg 38.8pnts
School Mackerel 1.03kg 41.2pnts

Ian Ferguson 95.2 points
Red Throat Emperor 1.82kg 63.7pnts
Red Throat Emperor 0.90kg 31.5pnts

Michael St Johnwood 33.9 points
Barramundi 2.26kg 33.9pnts

Jordan Quayle 23.5 points
Coral Trout 0.94kg 23.5pnts

Senior Female – Line Fishing

Tania Brown 106.8 points
Sm Mouth Nannygai 1.34kg 26.8pnts
School Mackerel 1.04kg 41.6pnts
School Mackerel 0.96kg 38.4pnts

Fish Released
Stripey x 5
Silver Jewfish x 3
Barred Grunter x 2
Tuskfish x 2
School Mackerel x 1
Bream x 1
Estuary Cod x 1
Mangrove Jack x 1