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Saturday 8 November 2008

5/10's....Yeah right! Weather man gets it WRONG again

Our plan for today, like Ward, was to get out to some of the wider shoal. And with the 5/10 knot forecast issued last night we were very keen. So we left the ramp Friday after work and were greeted with a stiff Northerly breeze. It was obvious we were not going to punch out to the back of the island tonight! So we camped on a small mark inside the island. There we stayed for the night, praying the wind would die down by morning. I woke several times during the night to the sound of waves punching the side of the boat. It was not looking good!

Morning finally arrived, and when I opened my eyes the sun was already up!!! And that wind was still blowing. Just as well, I would have liked to have been out by this time! Anyway, comp weekend for us, so even though the weather man was WAY off, we would have been out regardless. A quick run to West Point was our only chance for a semi-decent fish.

It was a bumpy ride, especially once around the corner. So I chucked out a couple of lures, the kids were still laying in the bunks after all! One lure was a big 'crazy deep' intended for a Fingermark, and the other a standard red-head mackerel lure. We were almost at our mark and Lachy noticed the rod with the big lure bumping. Strange really, almost like it was bouncing out of the water, but not! I pulled it in to find a small Doggie Mackerel attached.

For the next couple of hours we drifted several marks I have in the area. Tania dropped a couple of good fish, but we did manage a nice bag to bring home. 2 good Grunter, a 42cm Nannygai and a Doggie. I failed to hook up on a couple more Mackerel on metal.

Heading off to the weigh in now, gotta have a good chat to Ward about 'sharing'....LOL...