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Saturday 26 April 2008

Slack Tides = No Fish!

Report for 25/4/08

With the forecast of 5knot winds all weekend how could you not be on the water? And judging by the boat ramp, most where (parking on the grass yet again!). But with one tide change for the day and almost no movement in the water, I knew it was going to be a day of 'boating' rather than 'fishing'. And being that it was my birthday and I has out with Tania and the boys, I didn't mind.

We managed to hit the water quite early for us, about 7 I think. Straight to West Point to try for some Mackerel. We fished a few marks there for a while, both with live bait and metal slices. But nothing! After couple of hours playing around there we headed into 5-beach Bay for a swim and walk on the beach. We anchored the boat just off the beach and had a lovely time swimming and playing around in the sand. Lachy especially had a great time.

After some some lunch the water was still glassed out, so we decided to circumvent the Island. Lachy fell asleep in the cabin as we raced across the dead calm ocean. We ducked out to the North cardinal for a bit of a look. That particular marker is an old favorite of ours, but we have not fished it in over a year (maybe more!). Masses of bait surrounded the pylon (as the shot below shows), but nothing feeding on it.

With Lachy still sleeping we headed for Nelly Bay and an Ice cream. We pulled up at one of the jetties there when a security guy came down. Apparently there is a $20 per day charge to tie up, but he was really nice when I said we just wanted an Ice cream for the boys. Thanks!

Heading home about 2.30pm there was a light NE wind just blowing. Enough to create the usual mess between the island and harbor. But nothing worth even slowing down for. Again, the ramp was incredibly busy. Something has to be done about that ramp. With Tania lacking the confidence to reverse a trailer on the a busy ramp, I have no choice but to tie up. One jetty to service 8 lance of ramp is nothing short of ridiculous. But I suspect nothing will change for a very long time.

And how's about those fuel prices? We used a little over 40lts for our morning. Not to bad for what we did. But that was $66!!!! Ludicrous!!!

I also managed to snap a few pics of my boat anchored off the beach.....