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Wednesday 16 April 2008

Baptist Church Fishing Club - April 2008 Results

The Baptist Church Fishing Club competition for April 2008 was well contested with 13 anglers weighing 23 fish for a total weight of 43.61kg. An additional 50 fish were released.

Division Winners:

Senior Male: Chris Riley 230 points
Senior Female: Bev Anderson 55 points
Junior: Nick O’Sullivan 36.75 points
Spearfishing: James Beresford 7.52 points
Lure/Fly: Chris Riley 230 points
Hard Yakka: Ian Fergusson 90 points
Encouragement: Michael Beresford

Individual Results:

Senior Male
Chris Riley 230 points

Queenfish 4.6kg 69pnts
Queenfish 4.2kg 63pnts
Mackerel (School) 1.28kg 51.2pnts
Mackerel (School) 1.17kg 46.8pnts

Malcolm Brown 214.5 points
Queenfish 4.8kg 72pnts
Mackerel (Grey) 5.7kg 142.5pnts

Ian Ferguson 187 points
Queenfish 4.5kg 67.5pnts
Queenfish 4.1kg 61.5pnts
Trevally (Giant) 1.5kg 19.5pnts
Grunter (Javelin) 0.47kg 23.5pnts
Whiting 0.12kg 15pnts

Dion Forman 90 points
Mackerel (School) 1.15kg 46pnts
Mackerel (School) 1.1kg 44pnts

Jordan Quayle 32.8 points
Mackerel (School) 0.82kg 32.8pnts

Greg Tanner 15.34 points
Trevally (Giant) 1.18kg 15.34pnts

Senior Female
Bev Anderson 55 points
Grunter (Javelin) 0.4kg 20pnts
Salmon (Blue) 1.0kg 35pnts

Trisha Forman 27 points
Cod (Estuary) 1.35kg 27pnts

Angie Holloway 13.2 points
Cod (Estuary) 0.66kg 13.2pnts

Nick O’Sullivan 36.75 points
Salmon (Blue) 1.05kg 36.75pnts

Chris Nicholas 36 points
Grunter (Javelin) 0.72kg 36pnts

Teylah Doyle 16 points
Cod (Estuary) 0.8kg 16pnts

James Beresford 7.52 points
Coral Trout 0.94kg 7.52pnts