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Saturday 8 March 2008

What is it about competitions?

Report for 8/03/08

This weekend is the Baptist Church monthly fishing club competition. I followed my plan and headed for Pioneer Mill first thing this morning. Had 3 Tarpon in about 15mins! All in the 2.5-3kg class. But, as things go on competition days, all 3 threw the hooks. Feeling rather frustrated I stuck to my guns and keeps moving to Alva Beach. Dropped a small Flathead on my second cast, and didn’t see another fish for the next hour. Wind came up, so fishless I thought I’d give the Mill another shot. Sure enough, another Tarpon within minutes. I thought I had this one too. Played him out for several minutes. He made some big runs and a few jumps. Then, almost at my feet, he took one last little lazy jump and hooks came free. Didn’t give it much longer there as I wanted to try another couple of spots on the way home before it got too late in the morning. I tried another little Tarpon spot next. And sure enough the fish where there. Boiling in fact! A dozen fish in 5mins and it became clear that I was not going to be taking a fish for the weigh-in. They were all 3-4in in length! Cungulla was my last ditch effort for a Flathead, but again I couldn’t manage so much as a bump.

There must be something about me and competition fishing. I never seem to do any good. Maybe I try too hard. I hope others in the club had better luck than me? Think I need a boat!!