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Monday 24 March 2008

Barra, Barra and MORE Barra

Report for 24/3/08

At about 3pm today we decided to take the boys for a fish. It was a bit 'last minute' but we quickly chucked a rod and box of soft plastics in the car and headed south. The plan was to go to Pioneer Mill and chase some Tarpon in the lagoon there. We arrived and it was pretty weeded up. But we found a clear patch and Lachy and I began fishing. Sebastian and Tania played on grass. I Missed one pretty quick on large plastic intended for flathead, so I changed over to my usual black and pick small squidgie. I was soon hooked up on a solid 3kg fish. Played him out and had him beside the bank. But with no net I was left with no other choice than to try a quick lift. But the light leader gave way and fish won his freedom. With nothing else for the next 20mins or so, we decided to head off.

On the way home we stopped off at another small lagoon I usually catch plenty of small tarpon at. All I wanted was to let Lachy catch a couple of fish. However, we very quickly discovered the area was full of small Barramundi. Most no more than 30cm. But we had stacks of fun. Must have caught about 15 or so in the 30mins we were there. Even Sebastian got in on the action, catching his first ever fish. And Lachlan landed his first fish with no help! Well....I still cast for him. It was great to see so many small fish about.

What was supposed to be a short outing turned into dinner at Aligator Creek roadhouse on the way home, and the boys are just now in bed (9pm). Lucky they don't have daycare tomorrow. But I still have to work.

Tania managed to capture some of the action on my mobile. Take a look.