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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Monday 19 November 2012

Weekend Mackerel

Seabreeze was predicting some nice weather for the weekend just gone, but BOM didn't agree. I think most of us new what to expect, but were hopeful Seabreeze was right. My plan was to get up early Saturday and take the kids for run in the bay looking for Fingermark. I wanted to get the new boat out for a decent run. But when I woke at 4am it was still blowing about 10knots on the bay. I wan't going to wake the family early, only to find it was choppy on the water. So back to bed! But then the kids were then up by 6 so I thought we might as well go have a look. 

It was choppy on the water alright, and by the time we got past Middle Reef it was easily in the 10-15's. But the new boat handled it well and we were comfortably able to run to our mark. Tania and the kids put a bait down and I worked a Thready Buster around the mark, but nothing was biting. So we headed back to the Middle Reef markers.

I 'spot locked' the iPilot just downwind of the mark and began working the Thready Buster. It was soon smacked by the first fish of the day, and the 8lb Power Pro was quickly peeling off the Stella. Turned out to be a nice Doggie Mackerel that was quickly placed in the eski for dinner. Bit of a surprise in 26 degree shallow water!

Next fish to take the Thready was a Golden Trevally. He had me thinking Fingermark the whole way, he fought deep and hard! 

Time for the kids to get a fish. Next hookup I passed the rod to Lachlan. Another Mackerel. This fish was considerably bigger and kept him honest the whole way. Luckily it was on a larger Sustain 4000 reel and 20lb! He was soon in the eski with his mate. Fish and chips for dinner!

Tania was next. Not liking lures, Tania had a bait down and it was hit hard and peeling line off at a great rate of knots. We followed the fish around with the Minn Kota and eventually worked in within sight.... a dam Catfish! It was released and the very next bait down Tania repeated with another one! 

With the wind building and it becoming difficult to fish we headed for home. Two fish in the eski and several others caught or missed, it wasn't a bad hour or two on the water.

Still some fit-out being done to the new boat. Once its all finished I will get some pictures up! Should be fishing and writing a lot more again too once the boat is finished.