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Monday 6 February 2012

Cape Barra Quiet!

With a big early morning tide yesterday it seemed ideal to make the mangrove inside the cape my first chase of Barra for the season. But heavy rain Friday night threatened to close of the track into Cocoa creek! A quick message on the forum confirmed for me that, despite some deep water in places, the track in was still passable. So I met up with Ward at the BP about 4.30am and headed of. 

With the tide still making we got the boat in at the mud ramp no problem and were soon on our way out the mouth. With the fast run of the incoming tide, and the rain in the days leading up, the water was very dirty and discouraging. We made our way wider and wider in search of clean water. But even around the corner of the cape was muddy. We worked our lures/flies here for a while and then headed back to the mangroves for the turn of the tide.

As the tide dropped some cleaner water did eventually make its way out, but it didn't seem to help the fishing too much. There were a good half dozen boats all working the area, and a quick conversation with a few revealed no one doing much better. One boat had seen a few rolls and boated a fish, but the other boats all had zeros. 

We kept working the edge and eventually found a small patch of fish. Another boat had moved in beside us and missed two fish in quick succession. I then had a solid hit that pulled drag and than the hooks. A nice Barra but never saw the size. A few casts later and I was hooked up again. A smaller fish that still managed to get me caught up in the groves. I went in under electric a the fish came free. It was soon in the net. Only a little fella about 55cm. Quick pick and he was released very healthy. 

We continued to work some areas on the way back to Cocoa, but the water just got dirtier! The boat was pulled out about 11am with plenty of water still covering the ramp. No video today, the action wasn't good enough to bother pulling it out! Maybe next time.

If you are out chasing Barra at the moment you might like to take a loot at ProTackle's Barra Bonanza Sale. Some good offers there.