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Fly Fishing

Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Sunday 22 January 2012

Fly fishing Alva Beach Flathead

Last year I was quite fortunate to have Shimano send me a nice G•Loomis GLX 8wt fly rod to fish the Hinchinbrook Fly Fishing Challenge. Due to circumstances I had to withdraw form the competition and the rod has sat here ever since. So last week I organised a Biocraft 7/8 fly reel to go on it and the guys at ProTackle sorted me out with line and a couple of fly's. So after a bit of a casting session with NQ FlyFishers president Ward Nicholas yesterday afternoon, it was off to Alva beach today for a fish.

We arrived at Alva Beach to fish the outgoing run of the very large morning tide. A stiff breeze blowing straight onto the beach had me very nervous right from the get go! But I figured if I could stumble my way through today then I would better my technique in the long run! Well that was the theory anyway, time will tell if it was a good one or not!

All things considered I guess the casting went quite well. I was never after big distances, so most of the time the fly went were it was supposed to. I didn't come home with a pierced ear at least!

The fishing was quiet to say the least! Bob landed 2 just under the 40cm mark, and I landed 1 that went 38cm. We didn't see much in the way of bait and only spooked a couple of very small fish.

I'm really looking forward to giving the fly a go among the snags for Barramundi when the season opens in just over a week!