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Tuesday 25 January 2011

Help for the flood victims in Rockhampton

Townsville Marine is organising a 40ft container of goods donated by the people of Townsville to be taken to Rockhampton to assist the flood victims.

With much of the mainstream media coverage now focussed on South East Queensland, the victims of the floods in Central Queensland appear to have fallen off the news agenda by the southern media.

We are North Queenslanders, our brothers and sisters in Rockhampton and Emerald have little or no media coverage while the focus remains on the South Eastern corner of the state.

Many people have also said they would prefer to donate food, toys, furniture and household appliances that are in good working order and surplus to their needs. Some folk have even offered to purchase new goods rather than donate cash.

While some of the cash which has been donated may at some point reach some people, the proper distribution of goods and food to these people will be well received.

Mandy Johnstone has indicated that the local Member Rob Schwaarten is on the Rockhampton distribution committee and that the items donated will reach local victims in central Queensland.

Townsville Marine has organised with the assistance of Royal Wolf containers to have a container available at the Townsville Marine Centre 943 Ingham Rd Bohle for people to donate clean clothes, tinned food and household items for delivery to Rockhampton for distribution to those in need.

NO CASH PLEASE – we are looking to fill a 40 footer with non-perishables.

What we need:
1. Someone to oversee the filling of the container (this will suit a retiree/group of retirees).
2. A company/transport to take the full container to Rockhampton.
3. Furniture, clothing, toys appliances and tinned food kindly donated by the people of Townsville. No perishables.
4. Goods to be placed in packing boxes clearly marked as to the contents.
5. No cash please!

People who are interested in supporting our friends in Rockhampton should call Emmanuel Theodosiou 0411 753 555 or send an email to

Emmanuel Theodosiou [Townsville Marine]
24 January 2011