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Wednesday 10 March 2010

Townsville Boat Ramps - Alligator Creek

Alligator Creek Boat Ramp is a private ramp located inside the locked gate of Cleavland Palms estate to the south of Townsville. This ramp is only accessible to Cleavland Palms residence and their friends. However, if you have access, this is a reasonable quality gravel ramp with good access to Alligator Creek and Cleavland Bay.

From the ramp to the mouth is good deep water with little in the way or sandbars to worry about. In fact, in most places the water depth is in the 5-10m range. The mouth has reasonable access to the ocean on all but the lowest of the low tides. Stick to the right hand bank on the way out, and stay well to the right of the white marker a couple of hundred meters out to sea.

The ramp may only be gravel, but its good and firm under the wheels. No need for a 4wd, even on low tides. Possibly the only issue with the ramp is that is angle is quite shallow, requiring the car be backed in fairly close to the water (maybe even with back wheels in water depending on your trailer configuration).

I see no reason why even 5-6m aluminum boats couldn't be launched here and, considering there is a pontoon near the ramp, a medium Glass boat could probably go in on reasonable tides.

From the mouth its a quick hop to Crocodile and Cocoa Creeks, and even the cape and weedbeds are very close. Its probably a good thing that this ramp is closed to the public (even though I'd love to use it), as it would probably get flogged worse than the Bohle if it was open.