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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


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Sunday 7 February 2010

Fingermark on fly

Liam and I had a nice fish on Saturday. We headed out to our marks around the Rattlesnake area and worked a nice flat see for a good run out. We stopped at our first mark and loaded the 12wt and shooting head. Liam landed a nice fingermark on a metal slice. We then proceeded to drift the are and I missed a nice cobia. He chased the fly up bumped it twice then I dropped the fly down and again and retrieved mid water he hit it properly. After a nice run then into the second he disconnected with the line cut through just above the hook. Next time. We then anchored as the fishing slowed but no better luck. As another boat arrived we then drifted again and this time I managed a nice fingermark and school mackerel. Thankfully Jordan and his Dad (the other Boat) had some ice and we kept a couple of fish. After awhile the fishing slowed so we tracked off to another spot and played with some reef fish. Liam missed a big queenfish and I managed another fingermark. My camera had some problems so no photos today but for the record the fingermark went to 55cm and the school mackerel 63cm and Liam's fingermark went 55+cm. Just some thoughts I was not intending to keep any fish for the weekend but as it was a comp I decided to keep 2 just so I had fish to weigh in. I am still in two thoughts as to whether the competition was the reason or I had to have fish to show at the weigh in! I would be interested to know how others feel about this.