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Wednesday 23 December 2009

Motor Trouble

I had my share of motor trouble today. Left thr ramp at 4am with my sister and fiance from VIC to take them for a run to the shoals. We only got a few hundred meters from the harbor mouth and I started loosing power. The boat slowed and fell off the plane despite pushing the throttle forward. I limped the boat back to the ramp and drove home and back to bed. After a bit of a sleep in I gave Graham at Rising Sun Marine a call and said to bring it straight in and they would look at it. Unfortunately my wife had taken off with the car, so I was unable to get it in until later in the afternoon. Graham was off on lunch, but Brett and guys looked at it immediately. When Brett took the cover off it was pretty obvious what the problem was! A couple of leads had come of the spark plugs. He put them back on and gave the motor a tank test, all was good. I should have poped the cover off myself and taken a look, but not knowing anything about what is under there I didn't bother. So a BIG thankyou to the guys in at RSM, not everyone would take a look at a motor on the spot for you. At least I know one thing to look for now.

On a more positive note, Dad and I hit the creeks yesterday morning hoping to get some crabs to go with my Nannygai for Christmas lunch. We planned to spend the whole day in there if need be. But we were able to head home early with 10 crabs caught by 11am. We also managed a few more Bream and Jack, best fish being a 35cm Bream. Who ever said Bream are a winter species?