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Saturday 21 November 2009

Fun in the Creek

With a late change in Saturdays weather we made a last minute decision not to put the big boat in the water and head out wide. Instead we took the tinnie back into the creeks. But today we decided to give the lure casting a break and give live bait a go. We left home a bit before 5am and arrived by 5.30. But the tide was still very low and putting the boat in proved difficult to say the least. But a little man handling across the mud and we were off. Although we were minus the transducer thanks to the rather dodgy launch.

We deployed the crab pots and went in search of some live bait. But despite the low tide the mullet proved difficult to find. After half an hour or so we had half a dozen and decided to anchor up and give them a go. They were a lovely size, and didn't last long in the water. Unfortunately each one failed to hook up and we were soon baitless once more. Off we went to check the pots and try get some more live bait.

We still had little luck finding the mullet, and this time the ones we did get were quite large. Oh well, back on anchor and the big baits were set out. Dads went off quite quickly. He thinks he basically fed it down the fishes throat. It was a solid fight and had us guessing as to what it was. But soon a nice Salmon was in the net. A first for the old man.


Over the next couple of hours we had a ball catching Bream, Mangrove Jack, Cod and Catfish on the dead baits. But the live baits remained pretty quiet. We pulled out around 11am with half a dozen quality crabs, 5 Bream (2 monsters at 32cm) and the Salmon. A nice feed for tomorrows lunch as we continue to build the kids cubby!