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Monday 28 September 2009

Mission Beach Boat Ramps

Last week I spent 5 days with the family in Mission Beach on a camping holiday. While I didn't really do much in the way of fishing, didn't even take the boat, I did have a look around at what was on offer in terms of boat ramps. And it appears the lucky buggers have it better than us! Well, at least in terms of ramp quality and pontoons. Parking would still be an issue on a busy day.

North Mission Beach seems to have the most suitable ramp for lager craft. It has a 2 lane concrete ramp in excellent condition. There is a lovely floating pontoon that would make launching a glass boat on your own a breeze. The who system is located behind a good break wall for protection from the sea. To find the ramp simply drive through North Mission and turn right at the Eco Village.



South Mission has a single lane concrete ramp at the southern end of the beach. The ramp itself is ok, but it is VERY exposed to the ocean. While it would be a quick dash across to dunk, getting the boat in and out in chop would be a problem.



There is also a very good quality set of ramps on the Hull River near the mouth. This consists of 2x2 lanes of ramp with a floating pontoon in the middle. Ideal system. Mouth of the river looks plenty deep enough to provide assess to the ocean.


There are other 'creek' ramps in the area, but I didn't photograph any.