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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Thursday 2 July 2009

Weather could not have been better

Well today I got to show my Dad just how good the weather 'can' be up this way. It was about as flat as it can get, and nothing over about 2knots of wind all day. In fact, each time a tiny little ripple appeared on the water that disturbed the glass off, we joked about having to get back before it got too rough!

We left the ramp a little after 4am. Tania and Lachy are in Cairns at the moment, so we had little Sebastian along for the ride. Initial plan was to hit our main shoal mark early and try for a Nannygai before sunrise. But, despite getting there on time, we didn't manage to boat one. Altough Dad surprised us by boating a lovely Mangrove Jack. A first for me off the shoals.

As soon as the sun appeared the trevalley started. So it was time to float Pilchards. This again proved a deadly technique, and it was not long and we had our 3 fish each in the eski and on ice. Now it was time to look harder for some red fish!

The hunt took us all over the place! But despite our best efforts we only managed one fish of just over 40cm. Although I think we lost a few to sharks. However, in our efforts, we did manage to boat 2 Cobia and a nice Rainbow Runner.

Feeling very tired and with an eski full of fish we made the dead flat run home at about 1pm. 30knots all the way. What a great day to have been on the water.