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Tuesday 16 June 2009

Baptist Church Fishing Club - Comp Results June 2009

The Baptist Church Fishing Club’s annual Land Based comp was our best yet with 17 fish being weighed and an additional 25 fish being released. The Land Based comp is always a great opportunity to get to know some of our newer members and fish with people we would not usually fish with. Congratulations to all who got involved and to the winning team of Ian, Mitch, Tom, Gavin and Tony. Also a very big thank you to Jason from Pro Tackle for his excellent Tackle Night presentation on Townsville’s Land based Hotspots – we greatly appreciate your support.

Division Winners:

Senior Male: Malcolm Brown 57.4 points
Senior Female: Trisha Forman 100.4 points
Sub Junior Male: Ben Forman 32.5 points
Lure/Fly: Malcolm Brown 57.4 points
Catch & Release: Trisha Forman 33.25 points
Hard Yakka: Jocelyn Elms 25 points

Individual Results:
Senior Male

Malcolm Brown 57.4 points
Grunter (Sooty) 0.42kg 21.0pnts
Flathead (Dusky) 0.5kg 17.5pnts
Flathead (Dusky) 0.54kg 18.9pnts

Tony Elms 43.2pnts
Mangrove Jack 0.6kg 30.0pnts
Cod (Gold Spot) 0.66kg 13.2pnts

Dion Forman 35.5pnts
Bream (Silver) 0.3kg 24.0pnts
Tarpon 0.23kg 11.5pnts

Senior Female

Trisha Forman 100.4 pnts
Bream (Silver) 0.48kg 38.4pnts
Tarpon 0.29kg 14.5pnts
Tarpon 0.29kg 14.5pnts
Mangrove Jack 0.66kg 33.0pnts

Sylvia Gear 37.5pnts
Whiting 0.16kg 20.0pnts
Whiting 0.14kg 17.5pnts

Sub-Junior Male

Ben Forman 32.5pnts
Tarpon 0.42kg 21.0pnts
Tarpon 0.23kg 11.5pnts

Club Visitor

Tom Missingham 61.95 points
Flathead (Dusky) 1.14kg 39.9pnts
Flathead (Dusky) 0.63kg 22.05pnts