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Tuesday 27 January 2009

High Speed Spinning

Last weekend I put together a small segment of video showing the technique I use when high speed spinning for Doggie Mackerel. Its a shocking clip, as I just sat the camera on the Eski, but you will see the effectiveness.

Here I am using a Shimano Stradic 4000FH spinning real loaded with 20lb braid and a 7foot Loomins Spin Stick. The Stradic pulls in about 91cm of line per turn of the handle. Speed is essential. The lure being used here is a Sure Catch 40g Knight. A 35g Bumpa Bar can also be used in EXACTLY the same way. But I find the Knight a faster sinking lure, getting more 'drops' on the fish.

The idea here is to position the boat so it will drift directly over the already located bait school. Once the boat is over top, the lure is simply dropped directly to the bottom. Its then ripped back to the surface AS FAST AS YOU CAN. Pretend you are trying to keep the lure from being hit, then wind even faster. As you can see, if the fish are there, a strike will usually come within a few turns of the handle. I find this direct up and down approach to be far more effective than casting to the bait, letting it sink, THEN winding it back. I think the fish like the idea of something shooting off the bottom, rather than along it.

The same technique I use with the TwinPower 6000 and 30lb braid on the shoals and wrecks for Spanish Mackerel etc. But I would here use the 60g Knight or 45g Bumpa Bar.