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Friday 4 July 2008

Quick fish inside Maggie

Took the family for a quick fish inside the Island today. I wanted to take advantage of whats looking like the last of the good weather for a while. We didn't plan on having a big day, just some fish for the kids to catch.

Managed to get out of the house by 6.30am, so we were launched and heading off about 7. That's early for us. Weather was fantastic, light southerly just putting a slight chop on the water. For a minute I was tempted to head to West Point and chase some Mackerel, but I didn't re-fuel after last trip, and besides, this was supposed to be a morning for the kids. So I held back.

Lots of bait and arches showing on the sounder, things looked promising. We anchored and set up some burley. There were plenty of bites to keep the kids occupied. But only a few small Large Mouth Nannygai came on board. Two of which went 38cm.

Not long after we pulled up another boat joined us! And who should it be? Dion with his family. He asked politely if I minded if he pulled up beside us. "Sure" I said, "no problems". Later I was to regret this decision......The bugga took home a nice Cobia!!! Good job mate, but I needed that fish for my top 10! LOL

Fish of the day for us turned out to be a BIG Gold Spot Cod. I estimate about 20kg. Threw the hooks while sitting beside the boat. Didn't worry me, was to be released anyway.

Flew home at 26knots all the way. What a lovely day. Excpet we got stuck at the ramp for almost an hour. Boys fell asleep in the cabin on the way back, and they stayed asleep while getting the boat on the trailer and up the ramp. So we decided let them be.

Chatted to a couple of guys back at the ramp who recognised my boat from this site. They had been to the cape and Salamander with no luck. Apparently none of the other boats were doing much either. Maybe next time!