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Chasing Golden Trevalley on the Magnetic Island flats.


Enjoying one of the many beautiful beaches of Magnetic Island.

Sunday 15 June 2008

Morisseys Creek

Wow, sounds like Ward had a better weekend than I!! Good job, you deserve a trip like that.

I fished Morisseys Creek with the Baptist Church for their monthly competition (Dion will post results shortly). It was a closed comp, so out of my comfort zone a little. I wasn't confident in putting my boat in, so I asked Dion to drop me on the beach at the mouth. The plan being to chase Flathead on soft plastics.

We arrived at the ramp a little after 6am, and Dion had me at the beach and fishing by 7. I fished the first 2 and bit hours of the run out tide and managed 4 small Flatties.

But as luck would have it, all under size (most by quite a bit). I got picked up again at about 10am and had a fish with Dion and his family from the boat. We hit a few prawn gutters and bagged some nice live prawn in no time. I took Dion to a good snag I use to fish years ago with the old boat. Sure enough it looked good, bait hanging around, but we only managed a few small fish. The best of which was an under size Mangrove Jack (they sure are a pretty fish).

With the tide dropping and crab pots to clear we headed off. Dion did well with crabs. Heaps in the pots, and mostly males too. But as with the rest of the day, EVERYTHING was under size. We were back at the ramp and out of the water before the tide got too low. But had a final fish off the bank. While fishing off the bank we were reminded of why we got the boat out early! A guy backing his boat down the ramp backed his trailer right off the edge! I'm not sure he even looked or checked in any way before reversing! No problem though, only a small trailer and it was easily lifted over. But I sure felt sorry for his young son who was in the boat at the time!! Must have been a shock.

Final score for me was 4 flatties, 1 jack, 1 cod, 1 Moses Pearch, and 2 bream. ALL too small :(