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Monday 26 May 2008

Baptist Church Fishing Club - May 2008 Results

The Baptist Church Fishing Club’s 9th annual Lucinda Fishing Tournament was a fantastic weekend of fishing and making new friends, with 120 club members and visitors taking part in this year’s event. A huge thank you to God for this awesome part of the world, to our generous sponsors and to the great bunch of people who make up our Club and made this one of our best Lucinda camps ever!

Despite huge tidal run and persistent strong winds, the Weigh Master was kept extremely busy again this month with a total of 30 anglers weighing 65 fish for a total weight of 115.28kg. An additional 76 fish were released and 2 big and very tasty mud crabs were also weighed. Final results are posted below (apologies to Rob, Mal and Bryan for the points mix up!) Congratulations to everyone who got amongst the action, and what a close finish with only 2 points between Rob and Mal!

Division Winners:

Senior Male: Rob Lechner 205.8pnts
Senior Male R/U: Malcolm Brown 203.8pnts
Senior Female: Wendy Saunders 78.4pnts
Senior Female R/U: Kate Quayle 32pnts
Junior: Liam Sullivan 168.0pnts
Sub Junior: Hayden Elms 37.6pnts
Spearfishing: Russell Beresford 47.8pnts
Lure/Fly: Rob Lechner 205.8pnts
Landbased: Wendy Saunders 78.4pnts
Catch/Release: Liam Sullivan 168.53pnts
Hard Yakka: Greg Tanner 65pnts
Mud Crab: Ben Forman 1.3kg

Individual Results:

Senior Male
Rob Lechner 205.8 points
Trevally (Golden) 8.6kg 129pnts
Trevally (Tea Leaf) 3.44kg 51.6pnts
Trevally (Long Nose) 1.68kg 25.2pnts

Malcolm Brown 203.8 points
Queenfish 5.3kg 79.5pnts
Queenfish 5.0kg 75pnts
Mackerel (School) 0.8kg 32pnts
Mackerel (Scad) 0.82kg 8.2 points
Trevally (Giant) 0.7kg 9.1 points

Bryan Logan 173.3 points
Trevally (Golden) 4.2kg 63pnts
Trevally (Golden) 3.74kg 56.1pnts
Trevally (Giant) 1.24kg 16.1pnts
Trevally (Long Nose) 2.54kg 38.1pnts

Ron Searle 157.3 points
Barramundi 4.0kg 60 pnts
Queenfish 1.24kg 18.6pnts
Queenfish 1.58kg 23.7pnts
Mangrove Jack 1.1kg 55pnts

Will Ward 130 points
Mackerel (Shark) 5.2kg 130pnts

Lance Stone 88.6 points
Mangrove jack 1.24kg 62pnts
Flathead (Bar Tailed) 0.36kg 18 pnts
Cod (Black Spot) 0.86kg 8.6pnts

Ward Nicholas 84.6 points
Queenfish 5.2kg 78pnts
Mackerel (Scad) 0.66kg 6.6pnts

Jordan Quayle 84 points
Queenfish 5.6kg 84pnts

Dion Forman 52.6 points
Nannygai (L-Mouth) 1.2kg 24pnts
Trevally (Long Nose) 1.24kg 18.6pnts
Mackerel (Scad) 1.0kg 10pnts

Steve Holloway 51.38 points
Trevally (Giant) 1.26kg 16.38pnts
Grunter 0.7kg 35pnts

Andrew Gough 51 points
Trevally (Bludger) 3.4kg 51pnts

Don Anderson 50 points
Grunter 0.4kg 20pnts
Bream (Pikey) 0.3kg 24pnts
Mackerel (Scad) 0.6kg 6pnts

Ian Ferguson 47.6 points
Salmon (Blue) 1.36kg 47.6pnts

Warren Crank 46 points
Mangrove Jack 0.92kg 46pnts

Tony Elms 41.86 points
Trevally (Giant) 1.34kg 17.42pnts
Trevally (Giant) 1.88kg 24.44pnts

Chris Nicholas 25.6 points
Bream (Pikey) 0.32kg 25.6pnts

Ross Wardill 12.4 points
Cod (Gold Spot) 0.62kg 12.4pnts

Russell Coates 4.2 points
Barracuda 0.42kg 4.2pnts

Senior Female
Wendy Saunders 78.4 points
Bream (Silver) 0.5kg 40pnts
Bream (Silver) 0.48kg 38.4pnts

Kate Quayle 32 points
Flathead N/Rock 0.42kg 21pnts
Moses Perch 0.22kg 11pnts

Bev Anderson 25.9 points
Salmon (Blue) 0.74kg 25.9pnts

Rene Kruger 17.5 points
Whiting 0.14kg 17.5pnts

Michelle Beresford 15 points
Stripey 0.3kg 15pnts

Trisha Forman 15 points
Whiting 0.12kg 15 pnts

Anna Skillington 6.6 points
Mackerel (Scad) 0.66kg 6.6pnts

Liam Sullivan 168 points
Queenfish 4.9kg 73.5pnts
Golden Trevally 5kg 75pnts
Giant Trevally 1.5kg 19.5pnts

Mitchell Wilson 84.24 points
Trevally (giant) 0.88kg 11.44pnts
Grunter 0.88kg 44pnts
Bream (Black) 0.36kg 28.8pnts

Hayden Elms 37.6 points
Sickle Fish 0.94kg 37.6pnts

Russell Beresford 47.84 points
Coral Trout 1.84kg 14.72pnts
Tusk Fish 1.38kg 11.04pnts
Bream (Slatey) 1kg 8pnts
Yellow Sweetlip 0.88kg 7.04pnts
Bream (Slatey) 0.88kg 7.04pnts

James Beresford 41.6 points
Yellow Sweetlip 1.22kg 9.76pnts
Coral Trout 1.2kg 9.6pnts
Yellow Sweetlip 0.96kg 7.68pnts
Sweetlip (Harlequin) 0.92kg 7.36pnts
Yellow Sweetlip 0.9kg 7.2pnts